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Since Apple released the iPad mini there have been lots of buzz about the good and the bad aspects of this new tablet. The tech giant Apple has received a lot of flack about the features of the iPad mini as it compares to the 4th generation iPad. I thought it might help to bring in some reviews that highlight the best things about the new iPad mini, but also showcases where the device might be lacking

Cnet does a wonderful job pointing out the good and bad about the new iPad mini. I personally love the iPad mini. It is small enough to hold in one hand, compatible with all the other iPad apps, and basically just really comfortable to hold. Having owned the full size iPad as well, I can tell you that both of these devices have a place in your life. The full size iPad is great for home use, whether writing blog posts, reading news feeds, watching videos or playing games. The iPad mini does all this as well, plus is so much more portable. So if you spend a lot of time on the road, or like to read at work, the iPad mini is the way to go.

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