How to Set Up Your New iPad

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How to Set Up an iPad

How to Set Up an iPad

Seeing that it’s just after the holidays and over 17 million mobile devices were delivered by Santa this year, I thought it might be a good idea to publish some tips on setting up these new devices. I am starting with the iPad, and these tips can be used for either the full size iPad or the iPad mini as they are pretty much interchangeable as far as these tips are concerned. 

How to Set Up a New iPad [Video]

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Setting Up a New iPad – The Basics

Over at Gotta Be Mobile they have a really nice walk through that goes step by step through the steps of setting up a new iPad.  According to Gotta be Mobile security on your iPad is very important, they had this offer about iPad security…

Users who plan on taking their new iPad with them on the road will want to set up a passcode for the device in case it gets lost or stolen. To set up a passcode, open Settings and select “General” from the left panel. Then choose “Passcode Lock” in the right panel and input either a four-number PIN or an alphanumeric password. The PIN is the easier option.

If you want to lock the iPad to a single app, for example if you only want your child to access this app and not give them access to mail, chat and email there is a setting for that as well. Here is a handy video to get you started.

These two videos will give you a great start to getting to know your iPad and getting it set up properly. If you found this post useful please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using the buttons above or below this post.

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