iOS 2012 Year in Review

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3rd Generation iPadHow closely have you followed Apple and its mobile operating system iOS this year? There have been huge changes to iOS in 2012, and today we are going to recap on a few of those.


In January of 2012 Apple released iBook 2 and demonstrated how the new interactive books will be great for the classroom. They also added the iBook Author app, and showed how to create the highly interactive textbooks.


Not a stellar month for iOS changes, with just a few announcements about some changes to expect in the next iOS update.


March was a pretty big month for Apple and iOS as it with it came the release of the third generation iPad, simply called “The New iPad”, apple decided to drop the numbering of their tablet. Also during this month Apple released iPhoto, and discussed the updates for all the iWork apps on the app store.


No major announcements from Apple in April. They had just released the new iPad a month earlier and were still riding the wave from that hugely successful launch.


In May Apple announced the dates of WWDC, which like in year’s past everyone started to speculate on what the latest version of iOS would bring to the table. Apple also added Mother’s day cards to their Cards app, so you can send mom a “homemade” card right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

ios 6June

With June came WWDC and the keynote that showcased iOS 6 in all it’s glory. One of the big new features was that Apple was dropping Google maps and wowed the audience with their amazing new maps app, built straight into iOS 6. This great new app featured a fly over version which did look pretty amazing in the demo. Also iOS 6 came with a beefed up Siri, where it was able to do more with sports, movies and restaurant reservations.


Nothing new for Apple in July, aside from a Russian hacker exploiting a flaw in iOS which allowed him to make in app purchases, for free. Apple quickly fixed this so that it would not happen again.


Aside from an announcement from Apple that when iOS 6 was officially ready for download the YouTube app would disappear. This gave further evidence that Apple was trying hard to sever their ties with Google and go it on their own. Since earlier in the year the rumor of larger iPhone, the iPhone 5, had been brewing and grew greatly in the month of August to the tune of actual photos of the device.

iphone 5September

Another stellar month for Apple. With September came the long awaited, larger screen, better camera, faster processor iPhone 5. Of course like, almost, every new Apple product the iPhone 5 was thinner and lighter, but also boasted a larger screen. Of course with the release of the new iPhone came the release of iOS 6, without Google maps or the YouTube app. iOS 6 offered over 200 new updates to the operating system, many of which have become very popular in the Apple world. So popular in fact that you can now find most of them on the new iMacs.

ipad miniOctober

Another rumor that had been roaming the internet most of the year was that Apple was working on a smaller version of the iPad. Everyone expected it to be released with the iPhone 5 in September, but Apple held out, my guess is so that there was nothing to take away the awl factor of the iPhone 5. So in October Apple released another long awaited product, the iPad mini. The specs of the mini were very similar, some were exactly, like that of the iPad 2 which is still in production, with the exception of the smaller screen. The iPad mini has a 7.9 inch screen compared to the 9.7 of the full size iPad. Another surprise with the mini was the release of the 4th generation iPad just 6 months after releasing the 3rd generation. It was speculated that Apple decided to release the 4th gen iPad so that all of their mobile devices featured the same lightning connector.


Since Apple had released 3 major products in less than 2 months, they took the month of November off to enjoy their hugely popular new products. While some were complaining that the iPad mini didn’t come with a retina display, there hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews about the mini and the 4th gen iPad, and as expected the iPhone 5 was a major hit.


Oddly the big news for iOS in December was Google. Since Apple decided to do away with the “built in” Google apps such as YouTube and maps, Google developed their own version of these apps, plus added Google Drive, Gmail as well as a few others. Google maps was a huge success reaching number one in the app store in less than 24 hours with over 10 million downloads in the same amount of time.

There you have it, a year in review for iOS in 2012. What kind of things should we expect from Apple in 2013. No doubt that at least one new iPad, iPad mini and iPhone will be released, possibly two. But what about an update to Apple TV, or the rumored bluetooth enabled smartwatch? Only time will tell, and we will be right here to fill you in on all the details.

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