How to Boost Your Mobile Security with the Lookout Security App

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Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

When’s the last time you updated your mobile password? What about the last time you checked your security settings on your smartphone? Most of us do not think about mobile security very often or ever.

When you think about what our phones have become you soon realize they aren’t just phones anymore. They are our calendar, address book, mobile desktop, our photo album and even our mobile checkbook. So once you think about what your phone is to you you may soon come to realize how important it is to protect this little asset in your life.

Well a company was started with one thing in mind…Mobile Security. What I absolutely love about this company is they are all about one thing, again…mobile security. They aren’t a one stop shop for all sorts of different things, just security for your smartphone. This company is called Lookout Mobile Security. They are cross platform, so it doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, their software works with both operating systems.

We discussed a little about Lookout Mobile Security in our post title “Don’t Be Lazy with Your Password, Boost Your Mobile Security“, but felt it necessary to dedicate an entire post to this software because of the job it does and the features it offers to protect the contents of your mobile phones.

So What is Lookout Mobile Security?

  • Security and Privacy – Keep your smartphone safe and secure
  • Backup – Backup your information
  • Missing Devices –  Find your phone just as quickly as you’ve lost it
  • Management – Use the web to take advantage of the best features available from Lookout Mobile Security

Here is a quick overview video that shows you some of the best features of having Lookout Mobile Security on your phone:

Why is Mobile Device Security So Important?

You may have heard some “experts” say that all this talk about mobile attacks, viruses and malware on your smartphones is just a way for these companies to make money from you using “scare” tactics. But in reality mobile attacks have been on the rise and it is said that 2013 is going to be the year when these mobile threats really take off. So with all that, you can see why it’s important to protect yourself early, and be ahead of the game.

So go ahead and get early protection on your smartphone. You can download the Android App here Lookout Mobile Security for Android and here for the iPhone app Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone.

Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone

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