Using Touch ID on the iPhone 5S (What to do when it wont work)

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If you are one of the lucky ones that actually has been able to get your hands on the new iPhone 5S, or maybe yours is pre-ordered and you waiting for it to arrive in the mail, you’re probably aware of one of the most talked about features, Touch ID.


Touch ID not working

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Serenity Caldwell from MacWorld put together a great article that shows you how to use Touch ID, and what to do if it isn’t working:


If I set up Touch ID, how can I allow my spouse/child/passenger to use my phone? What if my fingerprint fails?

Touch ID is only one part of your iPhone’s security system. In setting it up, you must also set up a passcode (as a fallback identification system in case fingerprint recognition fails). If you choose not to use the fingerprint scanner, you can always swipe to the right on the lock screen at any time to access the passcode entry screen.


When does Touch ID not work?

One reason that Touch ID is such a good security feature on the iPhone 5s is that it’s not the phone’s sole security feature—you must also set up a passcode on your device, and you must use that passcode in a number of situations, according to Apple.

Specifically, you must enter your passcode after restarting or updating your iPhone; after going more than 48 hours without using your device; or when opening the Passcode & Fingerprint screen in Settings.

In addition, if you’re using Touch ID to make purchases, you have to enter your Apple ID password after restarting your iPhone; when enrolling or deleting fingers in the Passcode & Fingerprint screen; or when turning off the Find My iPhone toggle in iCloud.

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Even though Touch ID has been supposedly hacked, I believe this is a great way to secure your phone. To hack Touch ID it takes quite a bit of work, which means a thief will really want to get their hands on whatever information is on the device. Most thieves are lazy and just want the easy money. Going through all the steps it takes to crack a Touch ID protected phone just isn’t worth it in the long run.


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