Fox News Hires Tiny People to Monitor News

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Fox News has announced a total redesign of their news room. From the images that have been released it appears the company has hired miniature people to sit in front of iPads and monitor breaking news on a number of platforms.


Fox News Giant tablets

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OK, so we know that these aren’t iPads with small people using them. They are actually giant 50 inch touch screens running Windows 8, with a number of different apps like a Twitter feed, as well as different news sources being monitored in real time.


Our personal opinion is that it looks completely ridiculous. The video shows a 30 foot screen that can be controlled with a “revolutionary” controller, looks like a Wii remote, to move and manipulate whats happening on the screen, and what gets share with Fox News viewers.


The giant touch screens actually show very little information. One one screen it appears that a “reporter” is viewing a Twitter stream, and the screen is only showing about 10 tweets. You would think a screen this size could easily show multiple streams, showing at least 50 tweets per stream so the person monitoring it may be able to find “breaking” news a little more quickly.


T. C. Sottek from The Verge had this to say about the Fox Newsroom redesign:


In a video that could be mistaken for a College Humor or Saturday Night Live parody, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith walks viewers through the network’s new setup, which includes workstations with 55-inch touchscreen monitors. In the video, journalists swipe through pages and apps, presumably collecting information for live reporting. “We call these BATs,” Smith notes. “Big area touchscreens.”

Fox says the new “news deck” is designed to appeal to viewers who are “nonlinear” — those who sift through news all day on their phones and computers. “Just like you, we get our news from multiple platforms,” Smith says, “and this is the place where viewers can watch us sort it all out as it happens.” In other words, Fox’s new newsroom will serve as a fact-checking machine for Twitter’s firehose.


Is this the future for reporting breaking news? How long before more news networks breakout their giant tablets, or hire tiny people to monitor the news? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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