Best iPad Mini Cases for Device Protection

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ipad protection featuredSo you got yourself a new iPad mini and you are probably worried about scratching the case or the screen, chipping the edges, or any number of other concerns you have. Well you can’t just leave your new iPad mini in the box, you have to use it…right? That being said there are several iPad mini cases that offer great protection for your new device to keep it safe, secure, and looking and working great too.

If you read our first post in this series about iPad mini cases you know that I have went through several iPad cases, and will probably go through a few more before I find just the right one for me. One very important aspect of the “perfect” case for me is protection. I want my new iPad mini to look as great a year from now as it did the day I bought it. The only way to make that happen is to put some protection on it. So today I want to talk about the top 3 iPad mini cases that offer the best protection.

Top 3 iPad Mini Cases for Top Protection

iPad Mini Otterbox

iPad Mini Otterbox

Otterbox iPad Mini Case

The grand daddy of iPad mini protection is the Otterbox. The Otterbox has been providing unmatched protection for devices for several years. Putting an Otterbox on your iPad mini is like building a tank around it. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but in my opinion the Otterbox iPad mini case offers the highest level of protection. Silicon plug covers keep dust and debris out of the openings without interfering with usability. A polycarbonate shell fits over the front and back of your iPad mini for maximum protection, and it also offers a stand to view in portrait or landscape mode. The Otterbox also has a built in screen protector to keep your screen free of scratches. Head on over to Amazon to pick up an Otterbox iPad mini case for $34.00

Hard Shell iPad Mini Case

Hard Shell iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Lightweight Hard Shell Case

We talked about this case in our review of iPad Mini cases with stands as well, but it fits really well in this post too. It is worth mentioning here also because along with the stand, it offers great protection from bumps, scuffs, scratches, nicks and shock absorption with hard shell design. This case offers dual layer shock absorption, precise design all while making all controls and ports easy to access. While using the kickstand does not make it optimal for typing it makes it great for watching videos or surfing the web. If green isn’t your color this case is available in black, blue, green, orange and red. So the company has done an excellent job of not only protecting your device, but also giving you several options to fit your style. You can get your Lightweight Hard Shell iPad mini case at Amazon for $14.95.

Hard Candy iPad Mini Case

Hard Candy iPad Mini Case

Hard Candy Cases Shock Drop Series for the iPad Mini

This is a very snazzy little case that offers as much for protection as it does for design. You get a full 10mm of silicon shock absorbing four-corner protection, slimming to 6mm of overall body shock protection. The volume up and down buttons are molded on to add further protection to your iPad mini’s buttons. The port covers are thick to prevent ripping and fit perfectly to keep dust and debris out of the ports. Each ShockDrop case for the iPad Mini includes an integrated, semi-rigid screen cover for protection during use. The ShockDrop Case for the iPad Mini offers more ruggedization than any other rubber and poly-carbonate case. Featuring 6mm of shock absorbing silicon at the corners, a semi-rigid (replaceable) screen protector and tear proof flaps. The body slims down to 6mm of protection to allow an easy fit into your bag or enterprise iPad Mini Charging Carts. You can either get the black/red color combination or opt for the black/grey combination. Stop by Amazon and get your Hard Candy Shock Drop Series iPad mini case for $59.95.

So you can see with protection you don’t have to substitute design or style. These cases are very stylish and offer maximum protection for your iPad mini. If you want more style than protection you can see what other types of iPad mini cases are available and see which one fits your lifestyle, or check out our favorite Book Style iPad Mini Cases.

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