iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD

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Now that the iPad mini has been on the market long enough for everyone to make some judgments about it and how it compares to the other 7 inch tablets available, I thought I would bring some of those thoughts together so you may have a better understanding which one of these mini tablets is best for you.

AutooMobile Says…

When DisplayMate put the two devices to the test the iPad Mini fell short in comparison to the other two tablets, in just about all categories. The iPad Mini doesn’t come with the Retina display, which iPads are well known for. And the display reflects more light than the Kindle Fire HD, around 41% more, and the Nexus 7, around 51% more. The brightness of both displays on the other two tablets were rated A, while that of the iPad Mini only got a B rating. When it came to gamut tests the iPad Mini got 62%, but the other two devices both got around 86%.

I am in agreement here. I believe Apple pushed the iPad mini out a little too soon or they just wanted to poise it with room for improvement. It is very likely that an iPad Mini with retina display will be introduced at WWDC 2013 this June.

The price of the ipad mini is higher than that of the other 7 inch tablets, and the screen just isn’t as crisp as what we come to expect from Apple.

CNN Money on the iPad mini…

The mini is the lightest option, at .68 lbs., but the Nexus 7 is only about an ounce heavier. Either one should work for standing-up use on a train. The added three ounces of the Fire HD feel distinctly heftier.

In the all-important “does it feel good in the hand?” category, the mini is implausibly but pleasingly thin–almost as if you could snap it in half. Its two rivals seem chunky in comparison, even though they don’t need to make room for a back camera like the 5-megapixel hardware sported by the iPad mini.

On the Fire HD, I discovered an extra issue: I kept holding it upside down. The placement of its front camera along its long side (where your thumb easily hides it in portrait mode) deprives you of the usual “this end up” hint of a lens atop the display.

So even though the screen isn’t quite up to par with other Apple products, the iPad mini is very light in weight, and the nice matte black back cover is very pleasing in the hand.

Well there you have it. Each tablet has its good points and its bad. My opinion? I like the iPad mini. The screen may not be retina, yet, but it does have more screen which makes it a more useful device in my book. It also is the lightest and thinnest of the three as well. Which one, if any, will you be going with?


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