Google Now Coming to Chrome, Not Just for Android Users Anymore

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Google Now is an amazing service that Google has developed to compete or out do Apple’s Siri. Siri being the virtual assistant on the iPhone and now the iPad and 5th generation iPad.

Here is a quick demo from Google on Google Now…

Google Now will be a great service for Android users using Ice Cream Sandwich or newer version of Android. Well Google is rolling out this same service to users of their Chrome browser.

Cnet says…

The move reflects the growing maturity of Google’s operating system strategy. In mobile, it steers people to Android, and on personal computers, it steers them to Chrome or Chrome OS. Although Chrome isn’t an operating system, strictly speaking, browsers are absorbing more and more OS abilities, and Chrome OS systems of course can’t run anything but Web apps.

Whatever OS a person is using, Google is designing it as a mechanism to reach Google services: search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Apps, Gmail, Google+, and more. These services are where Google makes its money.

Google Now has the potential to make Apple’s siri old news. It has the ability to display content without the user ever asking or searching for it. With Siri you must access it, ask it for assistance then wait for the response or requested task.

Google has not given a release date for Google Now in Chrome, but being an avid Google user I am anxiously awaiting it’s release.

Engadget says…

Google Now is fast becoming one of Android’s defining features. But, if some recent additions to Chromium are anything to go by, the nifty little life-predictor could well be finding its way to Chrome browsers, too. An entry in the Chromium project code site titled “Show Google Now notifications in Chrome” along with some code revisions for “Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation” hints that the idea is, at least, at some level of development.

and Android Central adds…

We’re not so sure how the concept of Google Now fits into the browser, but it will be interesting to see how it ends up being implemented. Surely as devices like Chromebooks become more widely accepted — many of which have 3G data access — something like Google Now makes sense on more than just phones and tablets.

So it is evident that Google will be releasing Google Now for Chrome, the release date is just unknown as this is a work in project. This will be an interesting journey for Google to see just how the add the features of Google Now into the browsing experience.

thanks to @cnet @engadget and @androidcentral

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