What Can You Watch on a Roku?

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Can I Watch _____ on My Roku?

The answer to that is most likely yes. I have yet to find a channel, movie or show that I can’t watch on our Roku. The trick is you just have to know where to look. So today we are going to go over some of the official Roku channels what they have to offer, then we’ll dive into the private channels, which is where the Roku can really shine.


First if you haven’t picked up your Roku, you can grab one at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon, I recommend the Roku 3, but there are several models to choose from.


Whats on the Official Roku Channels?

what can i watch on rokuThe top channels on Roku have some amazing choice. You have Netflix where you can watch anything from The Killing, and Storm Chasers to the Netflix original Arrested Development and Shark Week.


You can choose Amazon video on demand that allows you to rent or buy digital copies of your favorite movies and TV shows, like Game of Thrones.


One of my favorite features of Amazon VOD is the season pass. If you buy a season pass you get access to the latest episode of your favorite show just a few hours after it airs.


If you are a Hulu subscriber you can watch all of your Hulu content on the Roku. There’s also the free movie channel Crackle, owned by Sony. Crackle provides access to a lot of movies and TV shows for free, though you will have to suffer through ads, but hey its free.


If you happen to subscribe to Time Warner Cable, there’s a TWC channel, and if you subscribe to HBO, you can get access to the HBO Go channel as well.


You can choose from Vudu for movies, PBS kids, TMZ even Disney has an official channel. The down side to most of these is either you have to pay for the content or suffer through the ads like on Crackle. Another negative is there is no official YouTube channel on Roku.


Whats on the Private Channels on Roku?

what can i watch on rokuWhen you see all the content available on private Roku channels you will run out and get a Roku today, or at least you should. There is virtually no limit when it comes to content on private channels.


Get Your PlayOn Subscription


One very popular private Roku channel is iTunes podcast, this allows you to stream the podcast you’ve subscribed to on iTunes straight to your TV. ¬†You can also add Nowhere TV, this is where you can watch sports, Bloomberg TV, BBC, golf, soccer, government news channels and a lot more.


However my personal favorite private Roku channel is PlayOn. PlayOn uses your computer as a server as streams internet video straight to your TV. But not just any internet video, you can watch ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Lifetime, Discovery and just about every other television network available.


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You can even access YouTube see what all your subscriptions have uploaded, do a search and find whats hot or trending on YouTube.


Here’s a free guide to setting up PlayOn on your Roku.



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3 Responses to "What Can You Watch on a Roku?"

  1. TJ Bean says:

    Also, for those who opt for a wifi Roku (cheaper) rather than the hardline, you can access your YouTube account via TwonkyBeam thru your wifi capable phone. It also has other channels within the ap like TED Talks and others (but most of those are already available as channels on Roku).

  2. jamowa says:

    We have owned many Roku devices for the past few years. Overall, they work pretty well. The main problem we find is that whenever Roku updates the firmware, menu formats, caption feature, the current Roku device cannot use/see/access the updated features.

    Therefore, users are required to buy the latest, greatest device in order to view the channels, programs, or features that are now available. Sigh. Reminds me of Apple.


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