iPad mini with Retina

What Did Apple Give the World at Their October Event?

Apple has had their final event for the year, but what did they give us? Was Apple able to wow you or did they leave you confused and disappointed?   Today we will go over everything Apple announced yesterday, but first let me start by [...]

Essential Cleanup Tools for a Windows PC

If you’re a Windows PC user, regardless of OS version, you need tools to keep your PC running smoothly and efficiently.  These three tools are essential cleanup tools for your Windows PC, and we’ll show you why every PC owner should [...]
Bluetooth Keyless entry

Use a Bluetooth Powered Keyless Entry System to Unlock Your Car

Location based security is becoming more common as new technology is introduced. We discussed iBeacons last week that will give personalized shopping experiences, but iBeacons could be used for security purposes as well.     // // [...]
best parenting apps

Top 8 Apps for Becoming a Parent

Being a parent can be scary for new parents. Thankfully today it can be a little easier for planning a family with some apps from the App Store.       // //   Getting Pregnant Apps   1. Pocket Cycle (Free)     A [...]
Cover App

Eliminate Waiting for Dining Out Checks with Cover’s new iOS App

This is the future some of us have been waiting for here? Cover has released a new iOS app that allows New Yorkers dining out to easily pay for their checks without all the waiting.     // //   Last week we talked about iBeacon [...]
Apps approved by kids

What Kids Say about Sports-Tastic NFL Mobile App

With the release of iOS 7 kids got there very own category in the App store. It was well received by parents of kids who are constantly browsing the app store looking for kid appropriate and age filtered apps.       // //   Rob [...]
Google Search app iOS notifications

Google Adding Push Notifications to Search App for iOS

The Google Search app was a great addition to the Apple App store, but it had its limitations because it couldn’t do alerts and updates without actually opening the app.     // //   Google is revamping their iOS version [...]
Clinkle Mobile Payment App

Why are Over 100,000 People Lined Up to use this Mobile Payment App?

Mobile payments have been making their way into our lives for quite some time. We have the debit cards that we can just tap on the card reader and it will charge our account, we have Square, PayPal and Conduit as well that all have card readers [...]
Google Maps API v2

New Features in Google Maps API for Android and iOS

Google has implemented some new features to their Maps API for Android and iOS.     // // This means more features can now be programmed into the Maps apps and pushed out to the users of the apps, here are some of the additions [...]
Google Keep New Features

Future Features for Google Keep Found in Code Excavation

Android users love Google Keep, it has yet to make its way to iOS which makes it that much more appealing.   // //   Google Keep is set to be a direct competitor with sites/apps such as Evernote. You can take notes, clip images, [...]
Genre Based stations on Google Play Music

Genre Based Radio Stations come to Google’s Play Music All Access

It wasn’t that long ago that Google Play Music All Access was released, and now they are updating the service.   // //   According to The Verge: The Play Music app hadn’t offered this feature before yesterday’s [...]
super fun kid time

9 Year Old is Co-Creator of ‘Super Fun Kid Time’ App

9 year old Alexandria Jordan took the stage for a minute long presentation at the Distrupt Hackathon to present her app idea.   // //   Super Fun Kid Time, an app that was thought up by Alexandria, and she led the way with a pro [...]