Will We Ever See the Rumored iWatch?

It has been reported that Samsung may be releasing their “smartwatch” in October, but it has also been rumored for some time now that Apple is also looking to join the smartwatch market. Will this ever happen?     There [...]
catch cheating students

Should Teachers Use Technology to Catch Students Cheating on Their Assignments?

Before technology teachers had to rely on their eyes, ears and instinct to catch students cheating on assignments and tests. A company called Berkeley Varitronics Systems have developed a portable cell phone detector.     Mashable [...]
Bluetooth headphones

What are advantages of Bluetooth Headphones on Android Phones?

The best convenience which you can enjoy from availing Bluetooth headphones is mobility of wireless but not at the cost of the greatest power consumption. Even though there are other kinds of wireless headphones found on the market on these [...]
Local Channels on Roku

Can You Watch Local Channels on Roku?

If you are wanting to join the growing crowd of “cord cutters” you may be looking at or already purchased a Roku box. The Roku is a great device for becoming a cord cutter.   It streams video from the internet straight to your [...]
what can i watch on roku

What Can You Watch on a Roku?

Can I Watch _____ on My Roku? The answer to that is most likely yes. I have yet to find a channel, movie or show that I can’t watch on our Roku. The trick is you just have to know where to look. So today we are going to go over some of [...]
YouTube on Roku

How to Watch YouTube on Roku

So you have your new Roku all set up, pretty easy, and you start browsing and adding channels to your line up. Like most Roku users you’re probably pretty excited, I know we were. We were looking forward to bringing Netflix, Hulu and Crackle [...]

Two Factor Authentication—What it is, Where to Get it, and Why You Need It

Imagine yourself 15 years ago. If you were tech-savvy, you were probably already caught up with the idea of an interweb which could electronically connect you to anyone across the globe wirelessly. Checking electronic mail was still so novel [...]
tablet care

How to Take Care of Your Tablet

Tablets have hit the market hard today creating a huge wave of larger mobile devices for use. The advantages that come with tablets are numerous. Other than a screen that allows you to carry the same tasks that you would have on your laptop [...]
usb to hdmi for tv

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 USB to HDMI for TV Adapter/Charger

Have you ever wanted to share your pictures or videos from your Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 to TV? If so, then I have good news. A company called KiDiGi has created a very handy little gadget that does just that. But it goes beyond basic video and [...]
Powerful Android Tablet

Why Your Next Android Tablet Will be More Powerful

Android tablets are the most preferred devices these days that provides ample of features for your convenience. As these are portable, so you can easily carry them whenever you need them with you. It allows you to watch videos on the web and [...]
Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega – A Smartphone With Presence

Well, if you were worried that the Galaxy Note‘s screen was a little too small and the Galaxy Tab’s a little too big, you’re in luck. Samsung have just unveiled the ideal mid-point – the Galaxy Mega. This large handset [...]
iPad mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD

Now that the iPad mini has been on the market long enough for everyone to make some judgments about it and how it compares to the other 7 inch tablets available, I thought I would bring some of those thoughts together so you may have a better [...]