iOS Passcode

Don’t Be Dumb, Lock Down and Encrypt that Phone

Your phone holds more personal information about you than anything else you carry with you. So why would you not try to keep that information as safe as possible?       // //   Apple has given their customers to enable [...]
Google Location Security

Google Has a New Location Based Security System that Can Protect Your Phone While You’re Away

Most of us have used Google‘s location services in the past. Whether it was finding a location on the map, using the built in GPS navigation, or checking in at certain places.     But what if your phone knew when you were at [...]

Is it Safe to Use Mobile Banking Apps?

Mobile banking apps are incredibly useful tools that make an important everyday task much simpler and easier. Rather than having to log into your bank account online and use a Pin Sentry device or a complicated combination of different passwords [...]
Malware on Android

Be Vigilant and Detect Malware Apps for Android

Introduction There are a few things you can do to be more vigilant and detect malware apps from the Play Store before they invade your Android device.  With BadNews hitting more users than Google ever anticipated, Android tablet and phone users [...]
sd card data recovery 2

How to Protect Yourself Against SD Card Corruption and Data Loss

SD cards or Secure Digital cards are type of memory cards that are largely used in small electronic gadgets like digital camera and mobile phone. Their small size and high data storage capacity makes them an apt data storage medium for such [...]
Lookout Mobile Security

How to Boost Your Mobile Security with the Lookout Security App

When’s the last time you updated your mobile password? What about the last time you checked your security settings on your smartphone? Most of us do not think about mobile security very often or ever. When you think about what our phones [...]
mobile security

Don’t Be Lazy with Your Password, Boost Your Mobile Security

Today we are talking about mobile security. With all the new smartphones and tablets floating around you have to be wondering how secure is your mobile OS? You have to also consider the dangers of recycling an old smartphone when you upgrade [...]