Another Smart Watch in Development

Looks like another Smart Watch is being developed by ZTE: In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Monday, Mr. Lv said that ZTE’s smart watch will offer technological features that are similar to existing products such as the Galaxy [...]
Android KitKat to support lower end devices

Will Android KitKat Finally Put an End to Android Fragmentation?

We’ve been reporting on the upcoming version of Android KitKat 4.4 for quite a while now, and we will soon be able to get our hands on what is said to be a huge change for the mobile operating system.       // //   Recent [...]
iPad mini with Retina

What Did Apple Give the World at Their October Event?

Apple has had their final event for the year, but what did they give us? Was Apple able to wow you or did they leave you confused and disappointed?   Today we will go over everything Apple announced yesterday, but first let me start by [...]
Nexus 5 Play Store

Nexus 5 Makes a Brief Appearance in the Google Play Store

We’ve mentioned the Nexus 5 along with Android KitKat a few times on the blog, and with the upcoming release of both more rumors and leaked images continue to appear.     // //   However last night just after 9PM Google [...]
Access Safari Toolbar iOS 7

Unhide Safari’s Toolbar in iOS 7 [Video]

With the launch of iOS 7 came some major changes to Apple’s mobile web browser Safari. One change is full screen mode, when you load a webpage and start scrolling down the toolbar at the top and bottom disappear.     // // [...]

Android KitKat 4.4 and Nexus 5 set for October 15th Release

Talks of Android KitKat 4.4 and the Nexus 5 have been swirling for quite a while with no real evidence as to when we can expect to actually get our hands on the next generation of Android.     // //   There’s been a few [...]
Android more secure than iPhone

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says “Android is more Secure than iPhone”

The Android vs iPhone war has been going on since the release of the two operating systems. There are “fan boys” and both sides of the fence that will argue to no end to debate which mobile OS is better.     // //   Don’t [...]
iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 6 Will Have 4.8 Inch Screen

So Apple has released their new iPhones for the year the 5S and 5C and in traditional form just a few weeks after the launch the rumors for the next iPhone start flying.     // //   Well why would this year be any different? [...]
iOS 7 Privacy Settings

iOS 7 is more Secure than You Realize [Free Guide]

Now that iOS 7 has been in the hands of millions of people for almost three weeks it’s easy to say that its one of the most popular versions of iOS thus far.     // // // ]]>   From the new mail app, to navigating [...]
Android KitKat changes

6 Major Changes Confirmed for Android KitKat

With the release of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat just around the corner, more and more rumors, screenshots and predictions are surfacing.     // //   According to Ryan Inovori from Internation Business Times Australia, [...]
Jimmy Kimmel iOS 7 motion sickness

Still Getting Motion Sick from iOS 7? Jimmy Kimmel has the Answer

We recently reported about people feeling sick from using iOS 7 and all the new motions and animations.     // //   While there are some easy tweaks you can do in the iOS 7 settings app to reduce motion, Jimmy Kimmel has come [...]
Amazon Kindle Phone

Is Amazon Still Working on a Smartphone?

A couple months ago the rumors were flying that Amazon was working on a new smartphone, and some rumors were even reporting that this phone would be free, even the carrier unlocked versions.     // //   Well the rumor mills [...]