back to school

Who You Should Avoid on the First Day of School

Back to school has already came for a few students, and is coming very soon for the rest. For some it’s the usual friends, but for many it could mean a whole new school, which means a completely new environment.     There are [...]
back to school apps

Top 107 Back to School iPad Apps

It’s that time of year again…back to school. So many parents love that phrase, while so many students dread to hear those words. Back to school doesn’t have to be all bad, especially if you have an iPad.     Today [...]

Is it Safe to Use Mobile Banking Apps?

Mobile banking apps are incredibly useful tools that make an important everyday task much simpler and easier. Rather than having to log into your bank account online and use a Pin Sentry device or a complicated combination of different passwords [...]
documents to go app

Documents to Go: Best Document Editing App

Making and editing documents is among the usual task of office employees. Most of the time, these are documents about marketing, customer service, supplies, financial status, and many more.   For small market players such as small to medium-sized [...]
year of the tablet

Death of Desktops and the Birth of Tablets in 2013

Witnessing an incredible growth of the tablets over the recent years might have put us to a thought that how long the traditional desktops will lasts. With so many users now days prefer tablets over the laptop, speaking of desktop PCs is far [...]
why you need to buy an ipad

Top Reasons Why You Need to Buy an iPad

Apple’s much talked about iPad comes at a price tag that ranges from $499 to over $800. This may seem to be very expensive but there are still a lot of people who want an iPad. Why? Here are some of the reasons why people buy the iPad and [...]
Top 5 Gardening Apps

Top 5 Apps for Gardeners

Now that warm weather has found its way to us, you may be prepping your ground to get your garden started. Well no more do you have to keep guessing the best time to plant your seeds, forget to water or weed your garden, or guess the best time [...]
samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release

Now that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is among us, it is important to know just what this phone brings to the table. You may also be considering whether or not you need to upgrade from the S2 or S3, ditch your iPhone for it or just keep what you [...]

Full iPad Mini Review

Since Apple released the iPad mini there have been lots of buzz about the good and the bad aspects of this new tablet. The tech giant Apple has received a lot of flack about the features of the iPad mini as it compares to the 4th generation [...]