What is the Google Mystery Barge?

What is this mystery barge Google has in the bay?     According to ALEXIS C. MADRIGAL from The Atlantic:   Well, that’s too bad. Google’s mystery barge is a mystery no longer. The company released a statement saying, [...]
Credit: Huffington Post

Google, Facebook Twitter and Yahoo Furious Over U.S. Surveillance

The NSA has been in the news for more days than we can count. The tech giants of the world, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo are taking a stand against our data being openly shared with the government with out our knowing.       // [...]
Android KitKat to support lower end devices

Will Android KitKat Finally Put an End to Android Fragmentation?

We’ve been reporting on the upcoming version of Android KitKat 4.4 for quite a while now, and we will soon be able to get our hands on what is said to be a huge change for the mobile operating system.       // //   Recent [...]
iOS Passcode

Don’t Be Dumb, Lock Down and Encrypt that Phone

Your phone holds more personal information about you than anything else you carry with you. So why would you not try to keep that information as safe as possible?       // //   Apple has given their customers to enable [...]
iPad mini with Retina

What Did Apple Give the World at Their October Event?

Apple has had their final event for the year, but what did they give us? Was Apple able to wow you or did they leave you confused and disappointed?   Today we will go over everything Apple announced yesterday, but first let me start by [...]
Apple October 2013 Event

Where to Follow the Apple Event Today

Its finally here, Apple’s iPad event for 2013. We are expecting see new iPads and iPad minis with A7 chips, possibly the M7 motion sensing processor and Touch ID, we also believe Apple will be releasing an iPad mini with retina display.   // [...]

Never Underestimate the Power of Cyberbullying [Resource Guide]

It is anti bullying month and we thought it important to mention cyber-bullying and talk about the impacts it can have on our kids.     To me the internet has given more power to more people for bullying. Bullies are cowards, cyber [...]
Nexus 5 Play Store

Nexus 5 Makes a Brief Appearance in the Google Play Store

We’ve mentioned the Nexus 5 along with Android KitKat a few times on the blog, and with the upcoming release of both more rumors and leaked images continue to appear.     // //   However last night just after 9PM Google [...]

If Schools won’t Teach Coding, Here’s Who Will

It’s nothing new to hear that the schools here in the United States lag far behind several other countries in a lot of area, math, science, technology, etc.     // //   The area of coding is no different. Coding is a [...]
iPhone 5C sales slow

Is the iPhone 5C Slowing Down Already?

Apple went all in on its new iPhones at their event last month. But many people said they went further with the iPhone 5C than they did with the 5S.     // //   There have been a few commercials released for the 5C but none [...]
Retail Surveillance

Smile Those Store Shelves are Watching

We all know that pretty much every major and many smaller stores have surveillance throughout the entire store and many times across the parking lot as well.     // //   Now it seems they want to go a little farther with their [...]
NSA Data Center Utah

Your Contact List May Now Belong to the NSA

Its not secret that the NSA have been snooping in on most of not all of our phone conversations to collect “META” data. With their new Data center in Utah they are able to store several zettabytes of data.     // //   Recently [...]