iPhone 5s Rumors

Top 8 Best and Worst iPhone 5s Rumors

The closer we get to September the more anticipated the world becomes abut the latest model of the iPhone. Each from around the web new rumors are started, and begin to spread across websites, blogs and social networks. Today we have gathered [...]
Nokia Asha 311

Best 5 Mobiles from Nokia Asha series and Why

With the competition against Android and iOS, Nokia lagged far behind with their Symbian-enabled devices and this is why they started the Asha series phones which could compete well with the entry-level Android smartphones. You could be wondering [...]
libon app

Leave A Voicemail Through Libon!!

Libon app is a free call and free message application for all IOS and Android operating system. In addition to free unlimited calls and free text or audio messages Libon has the voicemail features too. It also supports customized groups and [...]
YouTube on Roku

How to Watch YouTube on Roku

So you have your new Roku all set up, pretty easy, and you start browsing and adding channels to your line up. Like most Roku users you’re probably pretty excited, I know we were. We were looking forward to bringing Netflix, Hulu and Crackle [...]
Roku 3 Streaming Player 5

Roku 3 Streaming Player

The Roku Company recently released the new Roku 3 streaming player. I have had the Roku 2 XD for a couple years now, but wanted to upgrade to the latest streaming player. I really love the Roku experience, and since I was already familiar with [...]
ios 6

iOS 2012 Year in Review

How closely have you followed Apple and its mobile operating system iOS this year? There have been huge changes to iOS in 2012, and today we are going to recap on a few of those. January In January of 2012 Apple released iBook 2 and demonstrated [...]