iPhone 5C

Is the iPhone 5 Being Pushed Out by the Rumored iPhone 5S and 5C?

The closer we get to the speculated September 10th Apple event the more rumors about upcoming devices start to emerge.     Over on GottaBeMobile they are reporting The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S could push the iPhone 5 out of Apple’s [...]
iPhone 5s Rumors

Top 8 Best and Worst iPhone 5s Rumors

The closer we get to September the more anticipated the world becomes abut the latest model of the iPhone. Each from around the web new rumors are started, and begin to spread across websites, blogs and social networks. Today we have gathered [...]
full screen phone

The Best Smartphones for Full Screen Experience

Having a larger screen can make for a more absorbing smartphone experience; more and more smartphones are targeting edge to edge screens with HD resolutions and colour contrast, putting them on the same level as a high quality tablet or laptop. [...]
ios 6

iOS 2012 Year in Review

How closely have you followed Apple and its mobile operating system iOS this year? There have been huge changes to iOS in 2012, and today we are going to recap on a few of those. January In January of 2012 Apple released iBook 2 and demonstrated [...]

Size Matters: iPad mini vs iPad vs iPhone 5

Looking at the different sizes Apple now has available is fantastic. I love that they are finally giving us more options to choose from, especially from an Apple fan point of view. It is important to to offer customers a variety of sizes bast [...]