digital publishing blueprint

The Must Have Tool for Every Online Business Owner

Digital Publishing Blueprint Get in front of a network of 600 million people who will impulsively get (with 1-click) what you have to offer!   If you started a website today with an opt-in page and spent no money on advertising, starting [...]

iPhone Photos Taking Up Too Much Space?

Most iPhone users probably aren’t aware that you may have several copies of the same picture saved on your phone. This is caused by enabling photo stream, which creates a single copy of your your picture, but if you then create a photo [...]
apple products

The Effects of Apple’s Product Drought

Greg Packer was one of the thousands of Apple fans who eagerly lined up and waited for hours when the first iPhone was launched almost six years ago. He was one of those who endured waiting for more than 100 hours, rain or shine, while in line [...]
iPhone 5s Rumors

Top 8 Best and Worst iPhone 5s Rumors

The closer we get to September the more anticipated the world becomes abut the latest model of the iPhone. Each from around the web new rumors are started, and begin to spread across websites, blogs and social networks. Today we have gathered [...]
exercise app

Want to get in Shape? These Apps may Help

As the July heat beats down on us from above, the need to minimize clothing is certainly a must. However, if you’re still packing a few extra pounds of winter insulation, your current physique may have you rethinking your choice of bathing [...]
libon app

Leave A Voicemail Through Libon!!

Libon app is a free call and free message application for all IOS and Android operating system. In addition to free unlimited calls and free text or audio messages Libon has the voicemail features too. It also supports customized groups and [...]
YouTube on Roku

How to Watch YouTube on Roku

So you have your new Roku all set up, pretty easy, and you start browsing and adding channels to your line up. Like most Roku users you’re probably pretty excited, I know we were. We were looking forward to bringing Netflix, Hulu and Crackle [...]
full screen phone

The Best Smartphones for Full Screen Experience

Having a larger screen can make for a more absorbing smartphone experience; more and more smartphones are targeting edge to edge screens with HD resolutions and colour contrast, putting them on the same level as a high quality tablet or laptop. [...]
iPhone Ban

Could We See a Possible iPhone Ban in the US and Europe?

Samsung Wins Patent War, Apple Could be Facing an iPhone Ban in the US and Europe As one chapter came to a close recently with the patent war between Apple and Samsung the ITC ruled in Samsung’s favor. The ITC decided that Apple was in [...]
best party planning apps

5 of the Best Party Planning Apps

Summer is almost here, so let the parties begin. But the best parties are those that have the best plan for making them happen. Unorganized events and parties can often times become very hectic and chaotic resulting in unhappy guests. We [...]
Google Now on iOS 2

Google Now on iOS One Week In

I was really excited when I first saw Google Now launch a while back, even though it was only on Android devices, I quickly saw how important this feature would become. Immediately I thought of how it compared to Apple’s Siri, and if it [...]
samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release

Now that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is among us, it is important to know just what this phone brings to the table. You may also be considering whether or not you need to upgrade from the S2 or S3, ditch your iPhone for it or just keep what you [...]