back to school

Who You Should Avoid on the First Day of School

Back to school has already came for a few students, and is coming very soon for the rest. For some it’s the usual friends, but for many it could mean a whole new school, which means a completely new environment.     There are [...]
Grand Theft Auto Online

Will You Be Playing Grand Theft Auto Online?

On October 1st Rockstar Games is releasing the online version of Grand Theft Auto. Many players that enjoy multiplayer game play are hoping this fills the void that GTA 4 failed to do.     Having watched the official trailer, shown [...]
digital publishing blueprint

The Must Have Tool for Every Online Business Owner

Digital Publishing Blueprint Get in front of a network of 600 million people who will impulsively get (with 1-click) what you have to offer!   If you started a website today with an opt-in page and spent no money on advertising, starting [...]

Add NCAA Sports Teams to Google Now

Google Now can be used to do a lot of things. Notify you of up to date traffic conditions, the weather, even track packages being shipped via emails in your Gmail inbox. But did you know it will keep you posted on the latest from your favorite [...]

iPhone Photos Taking Up Too Much Space?

Most iPhone users probably aren’t aware that you may have several copies of the same picture saved on your phone. This is caused by enabling photo stream, which creates a single copy of your your picture, but if you then create a photo [...]

Is it Safe to Use Mobile Banking Apps?

Mobile banking apps are incredibly useful tools that make an important everyday task much simpler and easier. Rather than having to log into your bank account online and use a Pin Sentry device or a complicated combination of different passwords [...]
documents to go app

Documents to Go: Best Document Editing App

Making and editing documents is among the usual task of office employees. Most of the time, these are documents about marketing, customer service, supplies, financial status, and many more.   For small market players such as small to medium-sized [...]

Monitoring and Filtering Internet Use: Parental Software

As parents we have a hundred jobs and a hundred things to teach our children. And with the advancement of technology in recent years – and a computer, smart phone or tablet residing in almost every house – teaching them and introducing [...]
windows 8.1

Will Windows 8.1 Save Microsoft’s Latest OS?

Windows 8.1 was supposed to fix Windows 8; it was supposed to improve upon Microsoft’s vision of what its latest OS was for consumers.  However, so far, while Windows 8.1 has added functionality to Windows 8, the preview has done little to [...]
ipad rumors

7 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About iPads

I’ve been an iPad owner since the first one was released in 2010, and I love it. It is such a wonderful device that allows me to do things from check email to post on Facebook, watch videos, and even write this blog post. But there even [...]
libon app

Leave A Voicemail Through Libon!!

Libon app is a free call and free message application for all IOS and Android operating system. In addition to free unlimited calls and free text or audio messages Libon has the voicemail features too. It also supports customized groups and [...]
Local Channels on Roku

Can You Watch Local Channels on Roku?

If you are wanting to join the growing crowd of “cord cutters” you may be looking at or already purchased a Roku box. The Roku is a great device for becoming a cord cutter.   It streams video from the internet straight to your [...]