documents to go app

Documents to Go: Best Document Editing App

Making and editing documents is among the usual task of office employees. Most of the time, these are documents about marketing, customer service, supplies, financial status, and many more.   For small market players such as small to medium-sized [...]
exercise app

Want to get in Shape? These Apps may Help

As the July heat beats down on us from above, the need to minimize clothing is certainly a must. However, if you’re still packing a few extra pounds of winter insulation, your current physique may have you rethinking your choice of bathing [...]

Essential guidelines for easy and effective mobile web development

Smartphones are trending and several people are being encouraged to buy the latest and the best smartphone boasting of the various features that even a high-end computer may fail to deliver efficiently.   This makes mobile web development [...]
samsung galaxy s4 mini

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with the Galaxy S4

South Korean company Samsung Electronics’ latest flagship smartphones offer you with a world of wonders with its high-end specifications and flawless performance. That is why many consumers prefer this device over any other smartphones in [...]
samsung galaxy fame

Samsung Galaxy Fame: Product Review

Most mobile users nowadays are dreaming of owning cutting edge smartphones with topnotch specs and cool features. But if you’re one of those who want to own an Android smartphone but are on a belt tightening situation, don’t fret over. You [...]
Gadget Insurance

The Word on the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a lot to live up to, considering the overwhelming hype leading up to its launch. There is no denying that there has been more excitement surrounding the S4 than any other Android to date. Samsung has certainly pleased [...]
Roku 3 Streaming Player 5

Roku 3 Streaming Player

The Roku Company recently released the new Roku 3 streaming player. I have had the Roku 2 XD for a couple years now, but wanted to upgrade to the latest streaming player. I really love the Roku experience, and since I was already familiar with [...]
Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega – A Smartphone With Presence

Well, if you were worried that the Galaxy Note‘s screen was a little too small and the Galaxy Tab’s a little too big, you’re in luck. Samsung have just unveiled the ideal mid-point – the Galaxy Mega. This large handset [...]

Size Matters: iPad mini vs iPad vs iPhone 5

Looking at the different sizes Apple now has available is fantastic. I love that they are finally giving us more options to choose from, especially from an Apple fan point of view. It is important to to offer customers a variety of sizes bast [...]